Into the Spotlight

In knowing Steve, its impossible to not know his wife, Renee Jones. Every time people see her and experience her performances, they ask: “Where did she come from, and what else has she done?” Here is a short introduction to her (and Steve’s) story.

Steve & Renee are the husband & wife music team currently on tour with Steve Lukather (‘Luke’). Renee became a permanent member of the band when Steve recommended her to Luke when the bass chair became available. Her abilities as a bass player and singer made her a natural fit for the band. The tour with Luke in November 2010 was Renee’s first touring experience as a band member.

As this was Renee’s first time touring, it was by no means her first time in the midst of professional music experiences. Renee was involved in Steve’s previous CDs. Not only did she perform as a bassist and singer, but she also gave her ears and producer’s suggestions throughout. She proved to be a very important team member for Steve in the production of those CDs.

Music has always been a love in Renee’s life. As a little girl, she was involved in the Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra where she played violin. Although violin was her first instrument, she also played woodwind instruments (saxophones, clarinet, oboe, flute and piccolo), other stringed instruments and tried her hand at drums all throughout elementary and high school. She finally fell in love with the electric bass in college, and continues to study and explore her passion for music.

Renee and Steve first met in high school, and even worked together musically as soloists (oboe and piano) in a school performance of Edvard Grieg’s ‘Concerto in A Minor’.

It was during the beginning stages in the album that became ‘Dialogue’ that Steve invited Renee to become a band member and co-writer on that project. Music is a mainstay in their daily lives, and doing a project together like this was a logical next step. Over the years, Renee has written many pieces of music, and developed her skills as a composer. These characteristics, and their great friendship led to a very cohesive and fun musical partnership, which is easily heard in the music of ‘Dialogue’ and ‘Observatory’.

In Steve and Renee’s early relationship, they discovered a lot in common musically. They both enjoyed the music of Weather Report, Jaco Pastorius, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Chicago, endless Motown hits, and popular music of the 70’s and 80’s. All of these influences can be heard in ‘Dialogue’. The music in this album is mostly instrumental, and the melodies and chord progressions were born by singing in their compositional process. Steve and Renee’s vocals can both be heard in many of the compositions.