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Dark Blue Dream

Dark Blue Dream is my 2nd CD release. In considering the direction I wanted to explore in this album, I chose to go the route of capturing one take, live performances. With the exceptions of Soundscape 1, Soundscape 4, Unforgotten Path, and Outside In part 2 (which were composed and recorded simultaneously), the rest of the songs were recorded live as if we were performing a concert.

I’m also proud to present my wife Renee’s wonderful bass playing and singing. We really enjoyed our time in the studio together, and I believe you can hear that in the music.

I wrote all of the music for this CD which was originally recorded in 2004, then began mixing and editing in the early part of 2006. I wrote some new songs that were born in the experimenting process of learning the computer music programs. These songs are: Soundscape 1, Soundscape 4, and Unforgotten Path, all of which feature my wife, Renee. I also went on an ‘editing journey’ on what became Outside In (Part 2). Using drum loops and synthesizer sounds I developed inside the computer, I was able to create a dreamy state that included Frank Gambali’s guitar lines.

Liner Notes:
All music composed by Steve Weingart

Producer: Steve Weingart
Recorded at: Dennis Moody Studios
Recording Engineer: Dennis Moody
Mixed by: Steve Weingart
Mastered by: Ron Boustead at Precision Mastering
CD Design / Artwork / Photos by: Steve Weingart

Special Guest Appearances:
Ernie Watts – Tenor Sax on ‘Asfew’
Ronnie Gutierrez – Precussion on ‘Asfew’
Renee Jones – Vocals on ‘3 til Dawn’ and ‘Unforgotten Path’
Bass on ‘Soundscape 1’, ‘Sounscape 4’ and ‘Unforgotten Path’

Frank Gambale plays Yamaha AES-FG Signature guitars, D’Addario strings, and Carvin Tone navigator pre-amps.

Jimmy Earl uses Warwick basses, Gallien Kreuger bass amplification and Dean Markley SR2000 bass strings.

Tom Brechtlein uses Sabian Cymbals, Yamaha drums, Remo drum heads and Colato Regal Tip drumsticks.

Ronnie Gutierrez palys Gon Bops timbale and congas, Vater sticks and Sabian cymbals.

Ernie Watts appears courtesy of Flying Dolphin Records. Ernie plays Keilwerth saxophones exclusively and uses Rico reeds.

Renee Jones would like to thank Steve for being her best freind and the love of her life. Thanks also to Bunny Brunel for his guidance and support.

Thanks to:
Bernie Kirsh, Bob Rice and Ron Boustead for sharing their expertise, Neils Estrup and Owit Music Group, Spectronics music software (Atmosphere & Stylus RMX).

My special thanks to:
My wife and best friend, Renee, for sharing her life and talents with me, my parents, the Jones family, Stave and Cindy Saalfeld, and my Cincinnati family.